Architectural Review

The Architectural Review Process exists so that Diamond Ridge can remain a special place to live. Anyone building a new home or wishing to make external changes to their property must utiilize a design and construction plan that meets all POA requirements and submit an application for Architectural Control Committee (ACC) approval. This application must be approved by the ACC before owner initiates any work.

Architectural Review Process

1. Ensure your design and construction plans comply with all POA Requirements. These design and construction requirements may be found in the POA's Covenants Conditions and Restrictions and in the Architectural Guidelines. Download the latest versions of these documents and the appropriate form (New Construction or Home Improvement) from this website. Read these documents and prepare your application for submittal following the requirements detailed in the application form.

2. Submit your application. Submit your application, along with any requirement supporting documentation to the management company. Please submit your complete application, including attachments, electronically as they will be posted online for action by the ACC. Also provide the Management Company with your Construction Deposit ($2500 for new construction) or Review Fee ($25 for each HI Application) as these are required before the review process begins. Please allow the allotted time periods for your application to be reviewed. Please be complete in your application as missing information only delays your project.

3. ACC Review. The ACC will review your application and coordinate with you any site inspections as required. For new construction, you will be contacted by a representative of the ACC who will be appointed as ACC lead for your project from application through completion. Note: While the ACC enforces compliance with POA requirements it remains up to you to make sure your design and construction meet all local code/permit requirements. 

4. Approval or Rejection. You will be notified of the approval or rejection of your request by the Management Company. If you have questions about the disposition of your application, please contact your Management Company's Community Manager.

Please click the following link to download and print Architectural Documents: ACC Documents and Forms